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Into the Woods
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Kristen Freilich's Photos
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As Old Lady in Candide photos by Johnny Knight
Kristen Freilich in Candide
Easily Assimilated
Kristen Freilich in Candide
with Ryan Lanning
As Winnifred in Once Upon A Mattress
Kristen Freilich in Once Upon A Mattress
The Final Pose of Shy
Kristen Freilich center as Winnifred
Kristen Freilich Backstage in Once Upon A Mattress
Winnifred backstage
before she climbs out of the moat!

As Lucy's Mother in A Lesbian In the Pantry at the
New York International Fringe Festival
Kristen Freilich in a Lesbian in the Pantry
Kristen Freilich as a blond
Kristen Freilich Backstage in A Lesbian in the Pantry
Lucy's Mother scolds Lucy

Kristen Freilich's Headshot
Kristen Freilich
Click for hi-res headshot
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